PJS139 No2 December 2010

Philippine Journal of Science Vol. 139 No. 2, December 2010

Iota-carrageenan hydrolysis by Pseudoalteromonas carrageenovora IFO12985   
Bernadette M. Henares, Erwin P. Enriquez, Fabian M. Dayrit and Nina Rosario L. Rojas*

Harmful Dinoflagellates and Mitigation Strategies in Korea   
Chang-Hoon Kim*, Tae Gyu Park1, and Chankkyu Lee1

Survey and Spacial Distribution of Shoreline Malacofauna in Grande Island, Subic Bay  
Gizelle A. Batomalaque*, Bryan Geoffrey P. Arce, Maria Brenda M. Hernandez and Ian Kendrich C. Fontanilla

Waste Chicken Feather as Reinforcement in Cement-Bonded Composites   
Menandro Acda

Pervaporation-Flow Injection Method for the Determination of Sulfur Dioxide in Food and Air Samples   
Lorena S. Balansay1,2, Ligaya G. de Leon1, Leni L. Quirit1,2, and Florian R. del Mundo1,2*

Genetic Diversity Analysis of Traditional Upland Rice Cultivars in Kihan, Malapatan, Sarangani Province, Philippines Using Morphometric Markers   
Florence C. Lasalita-Zapico1*, Jaime A. Namocatcat1, and Josephine L. Cariño-Turner2

Bioremoval and Bioreduction of Chromium (VI) by the Green Microalga, Chlorella vulgaris Beij., Isolated from Laguna de Bay, Philippines   
June Owen O. Nacorda*, Milagrosa R. Martinez-Goss, and Nerissa K. Torreta

Preparation of Conducting Polyester Textile by in situ Polymerization of Pyrrole   
Anilyn C. Macasaquit1,2 and Christina A. Binag1,3*

Growth and Development of Porphyra marcosii (Bangiales, Rhodophyta) Under Different Temperatures and Photoperiod  
Wilberto D. Monotilla1,2* and Masahiro Notoya1

A Checklist of Mastogloia (Class Bacillariophyceae) of the Philippines   
Milagrosa R. Martinez-Goss1,* and Luisito T. Evangelista2

[An Insight]

An Insight into the Ontogenetic Pattern Observed Among NQHVVN-Containing Transcripts Found in Varying Ages of the Coconut Endosperm   
Marni E. Cueno1*, Rita P. Laude1, Evelyn Mae T. Mendoza2, and Antonio C. Laurena2

Sequence Analyses of the Coconut Enolase 3' End Reveals a CACTG Motif Found Within the 3'-Untranslated Region   
Marni E. Cueno1*, Rita P. Laude1, and Antonio C. Laurena2