as of 19 Jun 2021



Knowledge and Practices in the Utilization of Banana (Musa sp.) Leaf as Food Contact Material in the Metropolitan Manila Foodservice Industry
MB Luna and JM Recote

Validation of a Customized Local Traffic Simulator (LocalSim)
MF Eden, JE Taguiam, and HS Palmiano

School-based Information and Education Campaign (IEC) Program and Knowledge Gain of Student Participants on Rabies in Davao City, Philippines
ZP Lachica, JD Ang, PD Dy, CY Arrieta, A Ong, MA Mata, and P Alviola IV

Growth, Survival, and Behavior of Early Juvenile Sandfish Holothuria scabra (Jaeger, 1883) in Response to Feed Types and Salinity Levels under Laboratory Conditions
ML Magcanta, M Sornito, AD Espadero, H Bacosa, and W Uy

Biochemical Properties of Coconut (Cocos nucifera L.) Lipase
LR Savalas, S Sirodjudin, E Gunawan, R Aini, D Suhendra, NH Basri, J Ardhuha, and BN Ningsih

Molecular Docking and Dynamics Simulations Study of Selected Phytoconstituents of "Pangi" (Pangium edule) Leaf as Anti-SARS-CoV-2
I Sailah, SG Tumilaar, LT Lombogia, I Celik, and TE Tallei

Fabrication and Characterization of Electrospun Copper Oxide-Cellulose Acetate Microfiber Composite
J Herrera, J Grande, V Migo, R Arocena, and R Manalo

Income and Happiness: A Philippine Context
R Palanca-Tan

Swift Automated System for Distinguishing Blue-White Colonies Post Bacterial Transformation on Agar Plates Using Computer Vision Techniques
A Rao, LC Goveas, and S Nayak

Effect of Environmental Factors on the Degradation of Organic Dyes by Electro-Fenton Using Carbon Felt Cathode
NT Dung, LT Duong, NT Hoa, and NH Huy

Updating of the Philippine Food Exchange Lists for Meal Planning
C Orense, M Madrid, NL Santos, H Lat, and DK Mendoza

Philippine Medicinal Plants with Potential Immunomodulatory and Anti-SARS-CoV-2 Activities
F Dayrit, A Guidote Jr., N Gloriani, SL de Paz-Silava, I Villaseñor, R Macahig, M Tan, JR Chua, and IC Sia

Investigation of Gamma-ray Shielding Features of Several Clay Materials Using the EPICS2017 Library
MB Gili and F Hila

Prograding Shoreline, Emerging Gravel Bars, and Mangrove Recolonization in 40 Years on a Mixed Combined Siliciclastic-Carbonate Coast in Southwestern Luzon, Philippines
JL Soria, M Doctor, R Ramos, and F Siringan

Factors Relating to Career Track Choice of Senior High School Students
AL Nazareno, MJF Lopez, GA Gestiada, MP Martinez, MLD de Lara, and RM Roxas-Villanueva

Physiological Aspects of Cordillera Weaving in the Philippines
J Inovero, A Salvador-Amores, and J Pagaduan

Halal-HACCP Food Safety Competency Development for the 2019 SEA Games
MP Azanza and H Madriaga

rs17465637 Variant of MIA3 May Be Associated with Coronary Artery Disease among Filipinos
AYC Aman, R Sy, J Nevado Jr., AJ Bejarin, PF Reganit, RH Tiongco II, EJ Llanes, JD Magno, DI Ona, FE Punzalan, LE Santos, JA Aherrera, L Abrahan IV, C Agustin, and EM Cutiongco–de la Paz

Development, Validation, and Application of a Three-way Cleanup Method for GC/MS Measurement of PCBs in Stranded Cetaceans in Philippine Waters
J Bondoc, L Aragones, and C Kwan

Sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) Floral Nectar Characterization and Gene Expression Analysis of Sucrose Hydrolyzing Gene HaCWINV2
JD Aquino, X Juan, and PB Gaban

Rooting Induction of an Adult Pterocarpus indicus Willd. Using Stem Cuttings Derived from Stump Epicormic Shoots
A Piñon, T Reyes, W Carandang, and V Carandang

Rasch Analysis of the University Student Depression Inventory (USDI) Using the Polytomous Partial Credit Model
S Balbuena, D Maligalig, and MA Quimbo

[#23[21-066[RESEARCH NOTE]
First Evidence of Marine Litter Associated with COVID-19 in Davao Gulf, Mindanao, Philippines
NA Abreo and V Kobayashi

Kandelia candel (L.) Druce, A True Native Species in the Philippines
P Malabrigo, G Eduarte, L Malabrigo, and E Coracero

Negative Probability Current in a Freely Falling Quantum Particle
AA Villanueva

Tetrastigma leucostaphylum (Dennst.) Alston ex Mabb. Partial Wedge Sampling, a New, Less-invasive Solution for Stem-borne versus Root-borne Rafflesia Identification
S Mursidawati, A Wicaksono, and JA Teixeira da Silva

Spatiotemporal Dynamics of Canine Rabies and the Rabies Control Program in Davao City, Southern Philippines, 2005–2017
KP Montajes, A Lagare, MN Eng, G Marquez, PA Alviola, and LAE Murao

Impact of Subsidies on Competition in the Philippine Agricultural and Manufacturing Sectors
E Barnedo and A Inocencio

Towards a Robust Intellectual Property and Technology Commercialization Platform at the University of the Philippines Los Baños (UPLB): The Case of DOST-PCAARRD-funded Research Projects
EJ Cabrera, G Baticados, MV Junsay, J Jalbuena, A Aviso, and D Batayo

New Records of Scarab Insect Pests of Cacao (Theobroma cacao L.) in the Philippines
O Calcetas, J Adorada, J Adorada, B Caoili, A Rosales, and E Dimapilis