Philippine Journal of Science Vol. 152 No. 2, April 2023
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Editorial for PJS Vol. 152 No. 2, April 2023
Caesar A. Saloma


Boar Sperm Viability, Head Morphometry, and Kinematics during Seven-day Storage in Improvised Portable Semen Shipper
Santiago T. Peña Jr.

Bioaccumulation and Potential Human Health Risks of Heavy Metals in the Muscles Tank Goby Glossogobius giuris in Lake Mainit, Philippines
Rhenzlyn Joy M. Agtong, Francis Alizha R. Laudiño, Marlon V. Elvira, Mayuko Fukuyama, and Joycelyn C. Jumawan

Effect of Processing on the Antinutrient and Protein Contents of Cassava Leaves from Selected Varieties
Fides Marciana Z. Tambalo, Rosa Buena A. Capuno, Cyrene D. Estrellana, Jayson F. Garcia, and Lizette Sahar N. Arcillas

Production of High-maltose syrup from Selected Rice (Oryza sativa L.) Bran by Enzymatic Method
Garry A. Diopol, Francisco E. Elegado, Katherine Ann T. Castillo-Israel, Mary Ann O. Torio, and Lawrence Yves C. Uy

Helicia danlagunzad (Proteaceae), a New Species from the Mt. Mantalingahan Protected Landscape, Palawan, Philippines
Pastor L. Malabrigo Jr., Arthur Glenn A. Umali, Gerald T. Eduarte, John Ryan L. Navidad, and Adriane B. Tobias

Nickel Electrodeposition Using Deep Eutectic Solvent-based Electrolyte
Eden May B. dela Peña

Fat Content, Fatty Acid Composition, and Fatty Acid-based Nutritional Indices/Ratios of Egg Yolks from Different Poultry Species and Breeds
Orville L. Bondoc, Ana Rose Ramos, and Aldrin O. Ebron

Fern Species Diversity along Selected Roadside Vegetation of Macalelon and Infanta, Quezon Province, Philippines
JB Perida, HA Peñaverde, K de Villa, and W Barrera Jr.

Plant and Other Forest Bioresource Utilization by Local Communities of Northern Negros Natural Park, Negros Island, Philippines
A Dechimo Jr. and I Buot Jr.

Morphology, Phenolic Content, and Antioxidant Activity of Etlingera fimbriobracteata (K.Schum.) R.M.Sm. and E. philippinensis (Ridl.) R.M.Sm. (Zingiberaceae)
N Mendez, R Mendez, AR Tuba-Villafranca, R Tubongbanua Jr., and FM Acma

[#11[22-139] [RESEARCH NOTE]
Influence of Seeding Rate and Flooding Period on Growth of Lowland Ecotype Cyperus rotundus L. and Yield of Wet Direct-seeded Rice under Dual Culture
DK Donayre, JJ Jimenez, H Pascua, and E Martin

[#12[22-335] [RESEARCH NOTE]
First Record of Ophiophagy in Philippine Ground Snake Stegonotus muelleri on the Non-banded Philippine Burrowing Snake Oxyrhabdium modestum
A Magdua and MB Sanguila

[#13[22-284] [RESEARCH NOTE]
Wild Kappaphycus cf. striatus Growing in a Mangrove Stand in Siasi, Sulu, Philippines
JJ Galera, J Turong, A Bara, KJ Serag-Edonila, and SZ Halun

Suitability of Sugarcane Extract as a Local Extender and the Use of Either DMSO or Glycerol as Cryoprotectants for the Cryopreservation of the Banaba Native Breed Chicken (Gallus gallus domesticus) Semen
A Salifu, J Bautista, A Rayos, J Dizon, and P Sangel

Bioactive Compounds from Hot Spring and Volcanic Microorganisms
F Maglangit, KJ Miranda, MR Villarubia, and D Dalman

New Distribution and Rare Records of Microalgae from Aquatic Microcosms of Guzmania lingulata (L.) Mez (Bromeliaceae)
E Arguelles

Modeling Mineral Scaling in Matalibong Sector of Tiwi Geothermal Field, Albay, Bicol, Philippines
H Reyes, MIR Balangue-Tarriela, A Mejorada, and VN Ejera

"Tadek Di E-Sabangan": an Expression of the People of Sabangan’s Cultural Identity and Heritage through "Takik" and "Tallibeng" Social Indigenous Dances
J Talangchey