PJS 150 S1 Cover

Philippine Journal of Science Vol. 150 No. S1
Special Issue on Philippine Biodiversity Conservation


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Caesar A. Saloma

Angel C. Alcala


Predation of the Philippine Pit Viper Trimeresurus flavomaculatus (Gray, 1842) on the Invasive Cane Toad Rhinella marina (Linnaeus, 1758) in Albay, Philippines
Cyrus Job P. Dela Cruz, Gene Nuyda Pauyo, and John Ronel Gil

Comparison of Microsatellite DNA Fingerprints of Original Seed Files and Conserved Rice Germplasm Collections
Cris Q. Cortaga, Verna G. Dalusong, and Loida M. Perez

Genetic Diversity and Structure of Oryza rufipogon Griff. Populations in the Philippines
Sandy Jan E. Labarosa, Neah Rosandra Sevilla, Dindo Agustin A. Tabanao, Nenita B. Baldo, Helen L.V. Ebuña, and Joy M. Jamago

Updated Checklist of the Benthic Marine Algae of the Philippines
John Michael L. Lastimoso and Wilfred John E. Santiañez

Environmental Niche Models Reveal Receding Refugia for Philippine Endemic and Threatened Melastome Trees under Accelerated Climate Change
Jeffrey P. Mancera and R. Sedricke Lapuz

Cytochrome Oxidase C Subunit I and II (COI and COII) Sequences Support Recognition of Papilio chikae Igarashi and Papilio hermeli Nuyda as Distinct Species
John Vincent B. Cabusas, Aimee-Lynn A. Barrion-Dupo, Romnick A. Latina, and Barbara L. Caoili

Mammals of Mt. Pinatubo, Luzon Island, Philippines: Extreme Resilience Following Catastrophic Disturbance
Eric A. Rickart, Lawrence R. Heaney, and Danilo S. Balete

Mitochondrial DNA Haplotype Analysis of the Endemic and Critically Endangered Philippine Cockatoo (Cacatua haematuropygia P.L.S. Müller, 1776)
Gerard Clinton L. Que, Indira Dayang L. Widmann, Peter Widmann, Dione Gale B. Naval, and Ian Kendrich C. Fontanilla

New Records of Amplypterus Hubner and Marumba Moore (Lepidoptera: Sphingidae) from Catanduanes Island, with a Checklist of the Species Known from the Philippines
Niño R. Mape and Jhanjeric Borja

Richness and Distribution of Orchids (Orchidaceae) in the Forests of Mount Busa, Sarangani, Southern Mindanao, Philippines
Aljohn Jay L. Saavedra and Kier Mitchel E. Pitogo

Taxonomy of the Gracilariaceae (Rhodophyta) from Western Macajalar Bay, Philippines
Ma. Czarmayne Victoria Jude T. Escoro, Elaine A. Villaluz, and Lawrence M. Liao

Low Sampling Effort and High Genetic Isolation Contribute to Underdocumented Diversity in Philippine Fig Wasps
Lillian Jennifer V. Rodriguez, Astrid Cruaud, and Jean-Yves Rasplus

Inventory of Philippine Thrips (Insecta: Order Thysanoptera)
Cecilia P. Reyes

Ophioderma subsessile (Ophioglossaceae), a New Snake Tongue Fern Species from Mindanao, Philippines
Victor B. Amoroso, Yvonne Love L. Cariño, Joevina C. Nobleza, and Fulgent P. Coritico

Genetic Diversity and Population Structure of Three Caranx Species from Batangas Province, Philippines
Shenna Kate M. Torres and Brian S. Santos

Bird Feeding Guild Assemblage along a Disturbance Gradient in the Pantabangan-Carrangalan Watershed and Forest Reserve, Central Luzon Island, Philippines
Lemuel A. Pabico, Melizar V. Duya, Jay S. Fidelino, Perry S. Ong, and Mariano Roy M. Duya

Tree Composition, Diversity, and Stand Structure of Mid-montane Forest in Sipit Watershed, Mount Makiling Forest Reserve ASEAN Heritage Park, Philippines
Leilani A. Castillo, Nathaniel C. Bantayan, Myranel S. Canceran, Leonardo D. Barua, Aldin C. Alegre, Karla Jane P. Gonzalvo, Emer C. Gestiada, Valeriana B. Parducho, Angela A. Limpiada, and Manuel L. Castillo

Vegetation Analysis of Sanctuary and Forest Areas of Kalahan Forest Reserve Nueva Vizcaya and Pangasinan, Philippines
Florencia B. Pulhin, Alfie M. Torres, Nelson M. Pampolina, Rodel D. Lasco, and Angela Marie Alducente

Diversity of Echinoderms in Intertidal and Shallow-water Areas of Samal Island, Philippines
Maybelle A. Fortaleza, Joemarie J. Lanutan, Junissa M. Consuegra, and Cleto L. Nañola Jr.

Status and Distribution of Philippine Teak (Tectona philippinensis Benth. & Hook.f.) on Ilin and Ambulong Islands, San Jose, Occidental Mindoro
Don Geoff E. Tabaranza, Leticia E. Afuang, Kathy Lene S. Cielo, Jezryl Jaeger L. Garcia, Errol A. Gatumbato, Juan Carlos T. Gonzalez, Jolly-Ann J. Retulin, and Elyza Hazel P. Tan

Rapid Survey of Anuran Species in Baguio-Benguet Area and Isolation of Their Fungal Symbionts
Arthien Lovell Pelingen, Camille Andrea Flores, Axel John Briz, Roland Hipol, and Celia Austria

Butterflies and Moths of Kawa-Kawa Hill Natural Park, Ligao City, Southern Luzon, Philippines
Niño R. Mape and Steven R. Concepcion

Flower and Fruit Development and Life History of Rafflesia consueloae (Rafflesiaceae)
Janine R. Tolod, John Michael M. Galindon, Russel R. Atienza, Melizar V. Duya, Edwino S. Fernando, and Perry S. Ong

Determining Habitat Suitability in the Identification of Priority Conservation Sites for Indo-Pacific Crocodiles (Crocodylus porosus Schneider, 1801) in the Philippines
Jake Wilson B. Binaday, Rainier I. Manalo, Milben A. Bragais, Leo Kris M. Palao, Lester Ryan P. Mojica, Ozzy Boy S. Nicopior, and Philip C. Baltazar

Bird Observations in the Busa Mountain Range, Sarangani Province, Philippines
Tristan Luap P. Senarillos, Kier Mitchel E. Pitogo, and Jayson C. Ibañez

Detection of Forest Cover Disturbances Using Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Time Series Data in the Mount Pulag National Park: A Key Biodiversity Area in Luzon, Philippines
Bernard Peter O. Daipan

Notes on the Habitat, Flower Clustering, and Perigone Blooming of Corpse Flower Rafflesia lagascae Blanco in Salazar, Carranglan, Nueva Ecija, Philippines
Ryan P. Manuel and Jolito T. Hermocilla

Distribution and Abundance of Seagrasses in the Southwest Coast of Davao Oriental, Philippines
Neil C. Capin, Brian L. Pototan, Aileen Grace D. Delima, and Annabelle U. Novero

Recanvassing of Select Wild Rice (Oryza spp.) in the Philippines
Xavier Greg I. Caguiat, Mary Ann M. Rañeses, and Marilyn C. Ferrer

Bird Assemblage and Diversity along Different Habitat Types in a Karst Forest Area in Bulacan, Luzon Island, Philippines
Renz Angelo J. Duco, Jay S. Fidelino, Melizar V. Duya, Mimie M. Ledesma, Perry S. Ong, and Mariano Roy M. Duya

Herpetological Assemblages in Tropical Forests of the Taguibo Watershed, Butuan City, Eastern Mindanao, Philippines
Marites B. Sanguila, Jeszianlenn L. Plaza, Marjorie Y. Mahinay, Roger C. Edma Jr., and Rafe M. Brown

DNA Barcoding of Dominant Species in the Sardine Fishery of Northern Mindanao
Kevin Labrador, Altair Agmata, Joseph Dominic Palermo, Asuncion de Guzman, Maria Rio Abdon Naguit, Jerry Garcia, and Maria Josefa Pante

Volant and Small Non-volant Mammals of Dinagat Island, Philippines
Gil Gabriel Villancio, Renz Angelo Duco, Gerald Labiano, Jason Frank Beloy, Danah Marie Purificacion, Simeon Gabriel Bejar, Ronaldo Sales Jr., Maria Josefa Veluz, and Eleanor Austria

Mapping Hotspots of Human Impact on Native Dendroflora Biodiversity in Cebu Island, Philippines
Isabella Pauline L. Quijano, Mary Joyce L. Flores, and Chito L. Patiño

Preliminary Report of the Gastrointestinal Helminths of Rhinella marina (Aura: Bufonidae) in Metro Manila, Philippines
Renz Angelo J. Duco, Miguel B. Gonzales, and Christopher John A. Pueblo

Toward a Philippine Bat Call Library: Acoustic Characterization of Insectivorous Bats in Bulacan, Luzon Island, Philippines
Aminah Grace T. Amberong, Jay S. Fidelino, Renz Angelo J. Duco, Mimie M. Ledesma, Melizar V. Duya, Perry S. Ong, and Mariano Roy M. Duya

Diversity of Rubiaceae in Ilocos Norte, Northwestern Luzon, Philippines: A Preliminary Checklist, Their Distribution, and Conservation Status
Mae Ann R. Batuyong, Michael A. Calaramo, and Grecebio Jonathan D. Alejandro

First Report on the Characterization of Genetic Diversity of Philippine-reared Bombyx mori Strains Based on COI and ITS2
Ma. Neda Alcudia-Catalma, Ma. Ysabella Elaine D. Conde, Ivan Y. Dee Tan, and Ma. Anita M. Bautista

Diversity of Land Snails in the Karst Areas of Santa Teresita, Cagayan Province, Luzon Island with Notes on New Distribution Records
Julius A. Parcon, Ireneo L. Lit Jr., Ma. Vivian C. Camacho, and Emmanuel Ryan C. de Chavez

Foliar Carbon and Nitrogen Content and Stable Isotopic Composition of Selected Philippine Flora
Roland V. Rallos, Gerald P. Dicen, Andrea Luz G. Nery, and John Leonard R. Labides

Genetic Divergence of Philippine Tarsiers, Based on the 12s rRNA Gene, and Its Implications for Their Taxonomic and Conservation Status
Simeon Gabriel F. Bejar, John Gregor A. Roño, and Mariano Roy M. Duya

Collembola (Arthropoda: Hexapoda) Assemblages in the Canopy and Forest Floor along an Elevational Gradient at Mt. Makiling, Philippines
Marnelli S. Alviola, Felipe N. Soto-Adames, Cristian C. Lucañas, Virginia C. Cuevas, Juancho B. Balatibat, and Ireneo L. Lit Jr.

Effects of Tree Cutting to a Simulated Two-dimensional Lattice Lotka-Volterra Model of a Terrestrial Plant Community with Microhabitat Locality
Monica C. Torres, Gimelle B. Gamilla, Destiny S. Lutero, Jerrold M. Tubay, and Jomar F. Rabajante

Population Genetic Structure of Eonycteris robusta from Luzon Island
John Gregor A. Roño, Adrian U. Luczon, Mariano Roy M. Duya, Perry S. Ong, and Ian Kendrich C. Fontanilla

Transition: Edgardo D. Gomez (1938–2019)
Caesar A. Saloma

Transition: Perry S. Ong (1960–2019)
Edwino S. Fernando, Melizar V. Duya, Mariano Roy M. Duya, and Jose Andres A. Canivel