Past Issue - Vol 131 No. 2 2002

Potato Leafminer, Liriomyza huidobrensis (Blanchard) in Cordillera, Philippines
Lita Molitas-Colting, Bonie S. Ligat, Rogelio D. Colting,
Jocel C. Perez, Teresita K. Mangili, Maritess Alimurung and Casiano S. Pagadan 
Cotton Leafhopper in the Philippines: A Review
Leonardo T. Pascua* and Mirriam E. Pascua1
Life Table of Cotton Bollworm, Helicoverpa armigera Hubner (Lepidoptera: NoctuidaeJ) in Batac, Ilocos Norte, Philippines
Leonardo T. Pascua and Mirriam E. Pascua
The Distribution and Movement of Cotton Bollworm, Helicoverpa armigera Hubner (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) Larvae on Cotton
Leonardo T. Pascua and Mirriam E. Pascua
Radiation-sterilized Carabao Serum as an In Vitro Tissue Culture Supplement
Custer C. Deocaris, Lorna S. Relleve, Stephen M. Isidro, Glorina N. Pocsidio, Francis C. Chung and Rhea V. Samonte
Direct Multiple Shoot Induction from Different Mature Seed Explants of Groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.)
 S. Palanivel and N. Jayabalan
Optimized Rearing Conditions for Silkworm Bombyx mori L. Egg Production Under Egyptian Conditions
H. Greiss, N. Petkov1 and Miao Yungen2
Brucellosis (Ethiology, Epidemiology, Diagnosis Prevention and Treatment)
H. Venkatakrishna-Bhatt
Efficiency of Mini-column for the Detection of Multiple Pesticide Residues in Vegetables
Shahida Akhtar and Nusrat Hasan