PJS v147 1

Philippine Journal of Science Vol. 147 No. 1, March 2018


About the Cover
Editorial: Life Expectancy in the Philippines

Composition of the Main Dominant Pigments from Potential Two Edible Seaweeds
THP Brotosudarmo, Heriyanto, Y Shioi, Indriatmoko, MAS Adhiwibawa, R Indrawati, and L Limantara

Forensic Entomology in the Philippines: Establishing Baseline Data on the Forensically Important Blow Fly Species Chrysomya megacephala (Fabricius, 1794)
R Pedales and IK Fontanilla

Forensic Science in the Prosecution of Illegal Drugs Cases
MS Diokno

Pathology and DNA Analysis of Exhumed Remains Three-Years Post-Mortem
G Calacal, J Salvador, M Sagum, R Fortun, and MC De Ungria

Biophysical and Functional Characterization of asFP504, a Novel Fluorescent Protein from the Philippines
NA Bascos, FL Emralino, FC Liu, C Concepcion, M Altamia, YC Huang, YC Hsieh, CJ Chen, and C Palmes-Saloma

In Silico Studies on N- (Pyridin-2-yl) Thiobenzamides as NNRTIs against Wild and Mutant HIV-1 Strains
A Singh, VK Singh, R Verma, and R Singh

Prevalence of Leptospira Agglutinating Antibodies in Abattoir Workers and Slaughtered Animals in Cavite, Philippines
N Tabo, SYA Villanueva, and N Gloriani

Molecular Toolkit for Inbred Line Screening and Purification of Maize (Zea mays)
MC Heredia, RE Austria, and ET Ocampo

Preliminary Investigation of the Carotenoid Composition of Erythrobacter sp. Strain KJ5 by High-Performance Liquid Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry
AD Juliadiningtyas, D Pringgenies, Heriyanto, KP Salim, OK Radjasa, Y Shioi, L Limantara, and THP Brotosudarmo

Determinants of Meeting the Minimum Acceptable Diet among Filipino Children aged 6-23 Months
M Guirindola, ML Maniego, C Silvestre, and CC Acuin

Enhanced Root System Developmental Responses to Drought by Inoculation of Rhizobacteria (Streptomyces mutabilis) Contributed to the Improvement of Growth in Rice
R Suralta, MY Batungbakal, JC Bello, L Caparas, V Lagunilla, J Patungan, AJ Siping, J Cruz, MC Cabral, and J Niones

Blood Iron Concentration and Status in Pregnant Filipino Women with Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms in HFE, TMPRSS6, and TF
VJ Timoteo, LM Dalmacio, J Nacis, J Marcos, M Rodriguez, and M Capanzana

Current Status of Philippine Mollusk Museum Collections and Research, and their Implications on Biodiversity Science and Conservation
DA Ramos, G Batomalaque, and J Anticamara

Comparative Evaluation of Direct Dry-Seeded and Transplanted Rice in the Dry Zone of Karnataka, India
J Soriano, S Wani, A Rao, G Sawargaonkar, and J Gowda

Factors Affecting the Population Density and Distribution of Black Shama Copsychus cebuensis Steere, 1890 in Argao Watershed Reserve
AB Malaki, RV Cruz, N Bantayan, D Racelis, I Buot, Jr., and L Florece