Philippine Journal of Science Vol. 142 No. 2, December 2013

PJS v142 2

Threat of Potential Bioinvasion in a Natural Forest in Poitan, Banaue, Ifugao, Cordillera Administrative Region

Nestor T. Baguinon and Jacqueline Miel

Characterization and Identification of Bacteria in a Consortium Capable of Degrading Residual Jatropha Biodiesel Wastewater Oil

Armi R. Creencia, Bernadette C. Mendoza, Veronica P. Migo, and Rosario G. Monsalud

A Reliable Procedure for the in Vitro Production of Porcine Embryos

Marlon B. Ocampo, Lerma C. Ocampo, and Rebecca L. Krisher

Spatial Distribution of Organic Matter in the Surface Sediments of Calape Bay, Bohol, Central Philippines

Francis Albert T. Argente, Herminie P. Palla, Charina I. Narido, Milagros A. Celedonio1,5, and Danilo T. Dy

Generation of Technical Basis for the Development of Standards for Engineered Bamboo (E-bamboo)

Marina A. Alipon and Rico J. Cabangon

Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi and Nitrogen Fixing Bacteria as Growth Promoters and as Biological Control Agents Against Nematodes in Tissue-Cultured Banana var. Lakatan

Nelly S. Aggangan, Paul Jemuel S. Tamayao, Edna A. Aguilar, Julieta A. Anarna, and Teodora O. Dizon

Behavioral and Olfactory Responses of Rice Green Leaf Hopper, Nephottetix virescens (Distant) to Volatile Cues from Tagbak (Alpinia elgegans (C. Presl) K. Schum)

Susan May F. Calumpang, Gideon Aries S. Burgonio, Marcela M. Navasero, and Mario V. Navasero

Preparation of Hydroxylauric Acids for Environmental and Biomaterial Use

Loida O. Casalme and Florentino C. Sumera

Rapid Nucleic Acid Extraction and PCR Detection of Three Significant Banana Viruses in the Philippines

Paul D. Kohnen, Maura Luisa S. Gabriel, Marissa I. Atis, and Miriam E. Pascua

The Effects of Production Processes on the Mechanical Properties of Sisal Fibre Reinforced Polypropylene Composites

Oladele I.O, Omotoyinbo J.A, Adewuyi B.O, and Kavishe F.P.L.