Philippine Journal of Science Vol. 144 No. 2, December 2015


PJS v144 2

Current scientific understanding and prevailing public opinion

Caesar A. Saloma
National Institute of Physics, College of Science
University of the Philippines Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines

Larvicidal Activity of Anacardium occidentale against Aedes aegypti

R Torres, A Garbo and RZM Walde

Density of associated macrofauna of black corals (Anthozoa: Antipatharia) in Jagna, Bohol, Central Philippines

H Suarez, D Dy and R Violanda

Determination of Chromium and Manganeses in Steel Using Digital Photometry of Solutions

J Vedad, J Solivas, J Santos and E del Rosario

Identification and phylogenetic analysis of sulfate-reducing bacteria isolated from toxic element-contaminated sediments in the Philippines

R. Abisado, J. Simbahan, N. Nomura, V. Migo,
E. Tecson-Mendoza and L. Trinidad

Zinc Status of Filipinos by Serum Zinc Level

Juanita M. Marcos, Leah A. Perlas, Phoebe Z. Trio, Joselita Rosario C. Ulanday, Revelita L. Cheong, Josefina A. Desnacido and Mario V. Capanzana

Enhancement of CO2 Adsorption on a New Activated Carbon prepared from Canarium ovatum Nut Shells

M. Yao, J. Pondevida, C Cheng and D. Camacho

Morpho-Physiological Changes in Chamaesyce hirta (L.) Millsp. in Response to Mercury Exposure

JJ Puzon, E Tabayoyong and HJ Jumawan

Shelf-Stable Dried Okara from the Wet By-product of Philippine Soybean Curd Processing

MP Azanza and F Gascon

Approximate Controllability of a Parabolic System with Imperfect Interfaces

P Donato and E Jose

Challenges of Water Governance in the Philippines

A Rola, J Pulhin, G Tabios III, J Lizada and MH Dayo

Hypo-Osmotic Swelling Test for Membrane Integrity Evaluation of Frozen-thawed Water Buffalo (Bubalus bubalis, Linn.) Spermatozoa

D Hufana-Duran, R Mallari, D Suba, P Duran, E Abella and F Mamuad

Design of robust optimal Fractional-Order PID controllers using particle swarm optimization algorithm for automatic voltage regulator (AVR) system

S Balochian, H Ramezanian and H Baloochin