PJS138 No1 June 2009

Philippine Journal of Science Vol. 138 No. 1, June 2009

Effects of Different Bleaching Conditions on the Bending Tolerance of Two Rattan Species (Calamus merrillii Becc. and C. caesius Blume)    
Edgar E. Devera1*, Ramon A. Razal1, Stella Villa A. Castillo1, and Portia G. Lapitan2

Mesoporous Hybrid Organosilica Materials Functionalized with Biphenyl Moiety   
Eduardo R. Magdaluyo, Jr.1, Raymond V. Rivera Virtudazo2Leonard P. dela Cruz3, Emily V. Castriciones3,4 , and Herman D. Mendoza1
Biocatalytic Synthesis of Diethanolamide Surfactants Under Mild Reaction Conditions   
Galilee Uy Semblante1, Modesto Tan Chua2, and Soma Chakraborty*1

Correlates of Body Image Satisfaction Among Economically Depressed Urban Filipino Women   
Mildred T. Aquino*, Consuelo L. Orense, Celeste C. Tanchoco, Sofia V. Amarra, Merlyn G. Tajan, and Evelyn O. Dela Cruz

Computational Studies of Dipyridodiazepinones as Human Immunodeficiency Virus ( HIV) Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitors  
Reiner G. Villavicencio and Junie B. Billones*

Assessing the Impact of Fish Cage Culture on Taal Lake (Philippines) Water and Sediment Quality Using the Zebrafish Embryo Assay   

Arnold Hallare1,2, Patricia Ann Factor1, Erica Katrina Santos1, and Henner Hollert2

Evaluation of Silica Sol-Gel Microcapsule for the Controlled Release of Insect Repellent, N,N-Diethyl-2-methoxybenzamide, on Cotton   
Ann Shireen Chan, Judy del Valle, Kendricks Lao, Christian Malapit, Modesto Chua, and Regina C. So*

Effects of Epiphyte Density on Seagrass Leaf Turnover Rate  
Maria Luisa S. Orbita*1 and Hiroshi Mukai2

Influence of Growth Rate, Elevation and Sunlight on the Anatomical and Physico-Mechanical Properties of Plantation-Grown Palasan (Calamus merrillii Becc.) Canes   
Willie P. Abasolo* and Olga C. Lomboy

Paper Mill Sludge as Fiber Additive for Asphalt Road Pavement   
Erlinda L. Mari*, Ma. Salome R. Moran, and Cesar O. Austria

Selection of High Ethanol-Producing Saccharomyces cerevisiae Strains, their Fermentation Properties, and Genetic Differentiation Based on rep-PCR   
Irene G. Pajares1, Francisco B. Elegado*1, Jose Paolo V. Magbanua1, and Asuncion K. Raymundo2

Cross-Species Amplification of Shorea Microsatellite DNA Markers in Parashorea malaanonan (Dipterocarpaceae)   
Myralyn A. Abasolo1, Edwino S. Fernando2*, Teresita H. Borromeo3, and Desiree M. Hautea3