Philippine Journal of Science - Vol 145 No. 1

Procurement in the Philippine scientific enterprise system

Caesar A. Saloma
National Institute of Physics, College of Science
University of the Philippines Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines

Properties of Particleboard from Wood Wastes and Cashew Nut Shell Residue

Erlinda L. Mari and Edgar M. Villena

Structural and Optical Characterization of Electrochemically Etched Porous Silicon

Lorenzo P. Lopez Jr., Maria Angela B. Faustino, Niel Gabriel E. Saplagio,
Arvin I. Mabilangan, Neil Irvin F. Cabello, Rhona Olivia Ma. Gonzales,
Arnel A. Salvador, and Armando S. Somintac

Ingestion of Marine Plastic Debris by Green Turtle (Chelonia mydas) in Davao Gulf, Mindanao, Philippines

Neil Angelo S. Abreo, Edison D. Macusi,
Darrell D. Blatchley, and Ginalyn C. Cuenca

Staling Control in Philippine Yeast Bread (Pandesal)
Using Hydrocolloids and Emulsifiers

Maria Patricia V. Azanza, Emil Emmanuel C. Estilo, and Florenda S. Gabriel

Temporal Variability of Abundance, Morphological and Reproductive Traits of the Invasive Arctodiaptomus dorsalis (Copepoda: Calanoida: Diaptomidae) in Relation to the Reduction of Aquaculture in Lake Taal (2008 & 2013)

Justine R. de Leon, Henberson G. de Vera, Earvin Justin A. Giron,
Hazel Joyce A. Guerrero, Sophie Chambord, Anissa Souissi,
Sami Souissi, and Rey Donne S. Papa

Seroprevalence and Risk Factor Analysis of Toxoplasma Gondii Among Stray and Domesticated Dogs (Canis Familiaris) in Antipolo and Metro Manila

Lowell Reich M. Guy and Gil M. Penuliar

Association between Dietary Diversity Score and
Nutritional Status of Filipino Children aged 6-23 Months

Mildred L. Ocampo-Guirindola, Cristina J. Garcia-Malabad,
Ma. Lynell M. Valdeabella-Maniego, and Sheila Luz M. Punzalan

An Egg Yolk Immunoglobulin (Rvp6-Igy) Specific for a Constructed Rotavirus Vp6 Antigen (Rvp6) Inhibited Rotavirus Replication in vitro

Marilen P. Balolong, Ju Kyoung Oh, Jung Woo Kim,
Yong Tae Jung, Nina G. Gloriani and Dae-Kyung Kang

Synthesis of Magnetite-Graphite Oxide Diatomite as an Alternative Adsorbent for Heavy Metal Ions

Juliet Q Dalagan and Romelisa A Ibale

Mathematical and Anthropological Analysis of Northern Luzon Funeral Textile

Ma. Louise Antonette N. De Las Peñas and Analyn V. Salvador-Amores