PJS 150 No3  

Philippine Journal of Science Vol. 150 No. 3, June 2021


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Assessment of Socioeconomic and Climate Change-related Factors to Meeting Recommended Energy Intake (REI) of Filipino Households
Charmaine A. Duante, Rovea Ernazelle G. Austria, John Michael E. Borigas, and Cecilia S. Acuin

Multiple-object Tracking Based on Movement Direction Assumption and Potential Re-appearance Position with Object Flow Visualizations
Yun Sup Lee and Joel Ilao

Early Life Stages of Fishes in Lake Taal, Philippines: Assessment and Implications for Biodiversity Management and Conservation
Ma. Lourdes D. Merilles, Charmane B. Nochete, Benjie D. Tordecilla, and Maria Theresa M. Mutia

Determination of Carrying Capacity Estimates of Ecotourism Attractions in Quezon Protected Landscape, Philippines
Gerald T. Eduarte, Rogelio T. Andrada, Marco A. Galang, Pastor L. Malabrigo Jr., Cristino L. Tiburan Jr., and Jan Joseph V. Dida

Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs) of OGG1 (Ser326Cys) and APE1 (Asp148Glu; –141T/G) Genes and Breast Cancer Risk in Filipino Women
Gladys I. Bathan, Jennelie B. Manaog, Chrisha R. Montemayor, Jeanne Terese T. Cu, Camille Rose V. de Guzman, Mariel V. Capungcol, Teresa T. Sy-Ortin, Maria Cristina R. Ramos, and Pia Marie S. Albano

Spectroscopic Discrimination and Characterization of Bee Propolis from the Philippines
Paul Lloydson J. Alvarez, Jose Rene L. Micor, Mark Rickard N. Angelia, Tyler K. Brescia, Kevin M. Symczak, and Elmer-Rico E. Mojica

Genome-wide Association Mapping for the Identification of SNPs Controlling Lateral Root Plasticity in Selected Rice Germplasms in the Philippines
Jonathan M. Niones, Patrick Louie G. Lipio, Antoinette S. Cruz, Maria Corazon J. Cabral, Desiree M. Hautea, Nonawin Lucob-Agustin, and Roel R. Suralta

Cost Optimization of the Intensified Rabies Control Program in Davao City, Philippines Using Linear Programming
Eliezer O. Diamante, Novelyn J. Herrada, Zython Paul T. Lachica, Giovanna Fae R. Oguis, Pedro A. Alviola IV, and May Anne E. Mata

Assessment of Genotoxicity and Cytotoxicity of Leached Chemicals from HDPE Plastic Commonly Used by Ambulant Vendors
Hannah G. Babaran, Mary Hazel B. Florita, Lex Aaron I. Garcia, Elliard Roswell S. Yanza, Ana Victoria R. Lloren, and Ralph S. Hipolito

Evaluation of the Antioxidant and Anti-diabetic Bioactivities of Natural Phenolics from Mango (Mangifera indica Linn) Branches
Arsenia B. Sapin, Rodney H. Perez, Fides Marciana Z. Tambalo, Arra Gaylon, and Maria Katrina N. Alaon

Promotional Strategies to Increase Iron–Folic Acid Supplementation Compliance among Pregnant Women in the Philippines
Eva Felipe-Dimog, Fu-Wen Liang, Catherine Lynn Tipton Silao, and Hsiu-Hung Wang

In Vitro Egg Release and Fertilization of Sargassum polycystum (C.Agardh, 1824) in Response to Different Environmental Conditions
Maria Lyn M. Magcanta, Lovella R. Calala, Frederick B. Cabactulan, Venus E. Leopardas, Hernando P. Bacosa, and Wilfredo H. Uy

Carbon Dioxide Emission and the Macroeconomy: Evidence from the ASEAN Region
Mari Joy M. Buenavista and Rosalina Palanca-Tan

Diversity of Bacteria in Ants (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) from Canopy and Understory of Selected Trees at Mount Makiling Forest Reserve, Laguna, Philippines
Michael P. Gatpatan, Mia Beatriz C. Amoranto, Alfredo Jose C. Ballesteros, Noel G. Sabino, Jocelyn T. Zarate, Ma. Anita M. Bautista, and Lucille C. Villegas

S&T Intervention Strategy on Complementary Feeding to Improve the Nutritional Status of Young Children in Two "Yolanda" Disasters Areas in the Philippines: Evidences from the Grounds
Emily O. Rongavilla, Julieta B. Dorado, Georgina S. Caraig, Rowena V. Viajar, Glenda P. Azaña, Eldridge B. Ferrer, Dovie G. Domiquel, Jennilyn S. Ygaña, and Mario V. Capanzana

Dietary Zinc Intake and the Underlying Factors of Serum Zinc Deficiency among Preschool Children in the Philippines
Eva A. Goyena, Ma. Lynell V. Maniego, Apple Joy D. Ducay, Ma. Cristina A. Musa, and Imelda Angeles-Agdeppa

Colonization and Various Parameters Affecting Egg Hatch and Development of the Old Balara Strain (Philippines), Aedes aegypti
Glenda B. Obra and Abigaile Mia V. Javier-Hila

Molecular and Morphological Identifications of Anisakis Dujardin, 1845 (Nematoda: Anisakidae) from a Rare Deraniyagala's Beaked Whale (Mesoplodon hotaula Deraniyagala, 1963) and Blainville's Beaked Whale (Mesoplodon densirostris Blainville, 1817) Stranded Off Southern Philippines
Karl Marx A. Quiazon, Mudjekeewis D. Santos, Darrell D. Blatchley, Roselyn D. Aguila, and Tomoyoshi Yoshinaga

Genetic Diversity of Philippine Carabao (Bubalus bubalis) Using Mitochondrial DNA D-loop Variation: Implications to Conservation and Management
Lilian P. Villamor, Yukimizu Takahashi, Koh Nomura, and Takashi Amano

Grass/Soil Concentration Ratios for Natural 226Ra, 232Th, and 40K in Vetiveria zizanioides (Vetiver Grass) in Thailand
Chittranuch Chantarot, Harinate Mungpayaban, and Kiadtisak Saenboonruang

Thrips (Insecta: Thysanoptera) Species Infesting Garlic (Batanes Red) in Selected Farms in Batanes, Philippines
Cecilia P. Reyes and Maria Katherine Copuyoc

Response Surface Methodology Guided Optimization of the Extraction of Natural Phenolics from Mango (Mangifera indica Linn) Leaves
Arsenia B. Sapin, Maria Katrina N. Alaon, Fides Marciana Z. Tambalo, Rodney H. Perez, and Arra Gaylon

Genetic Diversity Assessment of Philippine Germplasm Collections of Yautia [Xanthosoma sagittifolium (L.) Schott] Using Morpho-agronomic Traits
Maria Lea H. Villavicencio, Rhesa Miren A. Ignacio, John Marty C. Mateo, Hidelisa D. de Chavez, Jose Nestor M. Garcia, and Virgilio T. Villancio

Crowd Estimation of the Black Nazarene Procession in Manila, Philippines
Darius Joseph R. Diamante, Alerik Ezekiel C. Ruiz, Rex Emmanuel M. Apad, John Paul Aloveel C. Ferrer, and Alexis M. Fillone

Influence of Nisin and Lysozyme on the Shelf Life of Hot-smoked Rainbow Trout Fillets (Oncorhynchus mykiss) during Storage at 4 °C
Bilge Bilgin Fıçıcılar and Hüseyin Gençcelep

Rubiaceae Flora of Northern Sierra Madre Natural Park, Isabela, Luzon, Philippines: Species Richness, Distribution, and Conservation Status
Rachel D. Biag and Grecebio Jonathan D. Alejandro

Physicochemical, Nutritional Composition, Cooking, and Functional Properties of Newly Introduced Low Land Rice Varieties Grown in Ethiopia
Agimassie Agazie Abera, Eskindir E. Tadesse, Bayuh Belay Abera, and Neela Satheesh

Serum Biochemical Profile of Captive-bred Philippine Crocodiles (Crocodylus mindorensis Schmidt, 1935) Sub-adults
Janice A. Ragaza, Stephanie F. Velasquez, Marian Samantha M. Asuncion, Elyssa Marie F. Torres, Rainier Manalo, and Hendrik Freitag

Citizen Science Reveals the Severity of the 2020 Mass Coral Bleaching in One Town
Wilfredo Y. Licuanan and Princess Zyrlyn B. Mordeno

Immobilization of Phycocyanin in a Rice Hull Nanosilica/Calcium-Alginate Bead System for Cadmium Ion Remediation
Korina Vida G. Sinad, Milagros M. Peralta, Veronica C. Sabularse, and Marivic S. Lacsamana

Evaluation of Putative Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) Markers Associated with Waterlogging Tolerance in Maize (Zea mays L.)
Krystal M. Hate and Eureka Teresa M. Ocampo

Place of Food Safety Education in the Philippine K to 12 Curriculum
Mark R. Limon, Consuelo T. Chua, and Alonzo A. Gabriel

Physicochemical Properties and Antimicrobial Activity of Acetylated Chicory Fructooligosaccharides
Nadezhda Tr. Petkova, Radka D. Arabadzhiva, Yulian D. Tumbarski, Mina M. Todorova, Ivanka P. Hambarlyiska, Ivan G. Ivanov, Sevginar F. Ibryamova, and Tsveteslava V. Ignatova-Ivanova

Assessment of Filipino Higher Education Students' Readiness for e-Learning During a Pandemic: A Rasch Technique Application
James Roldan S. Reyes, Joyce D.L. Grajo, Liza N. Comia, Mara Sherlin D.P. Talento, Lara Paul A. Ebal, and Jared Jorim O. Mendoza

Investigation on Criticality and Burnup Performance of Pebble Bed Reactor with Thorium-based Nuclear Fuel
Zuhair, R. Andika Putra Dwijayanto, Suwoto, and Zaki Su’ud

Awareness and Knowledge on Forest Certification in the Philippines: Foresters' Perspectives
Noel L. Tolentino, Priscila C. Dolom, Aresna B. Palacpac, Ma. Cynthia S. Casin, Leonida A. Bugayong, Ma. Magdalena B. Villanueva, Hanna Leen L. Capinpin, Jean C. Nicmic, and Leonito A. Donoso

Integrated Weed Estimation and Pest Damage Detection in Solanum melongena Plantation via UAV-implemented Vision-based Proximal Sensing
Anton Louise P. de Ocampo and Elmer P. Dadios

Population Dynamics of the Comb Pen Shell Atrina pectinata (Linnaeus, 1767) (Mollusca, Bivalvia: Pinnidae) Collected by Diving from Shallow Areas of the Southwest Visayan Sea, Northeastern Panay Island, Philippines
Annabelle del Norte-Campos, Switzel S. Lapara, and Kris Angeli S. Sanchez

Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate as Reinforcement Additive of Asphalt Mixture for Pavement Application
Kevinilo P. Marquez, Carl Vincent D. Arizala, Vernadette J. Soriano, Jessa Mae G. Barron, Allona Eunice A. Florece, John Howelle B. Caday, Jezreel An S. Calibo, Mae Joanne B. Aguila, Ramon A. Razal, and Veronica P. Migo

Formulating 3-chloropropyltriethoxysilane Modified Silica Nanoparticle Sprays as Hydrophobic Transparent Coatings onto Cotton Textiles
Mikaela C.S. Mendoza and Gilbert U. Yu