Special Issue - Vol. 142 No. 3 2013


Foreword: Caesar A. Saloma
Foreword: Benito C. Tan
A Short Biography of Leonardo L. Co

It All Began at the PUH, UP Diliman

Perry S. Ong

A Verification Reports of Marine Algal Species from the Philippines

Put O. Ang Jr., Sin Man Leung, and Mei Mei Choi

A New Species of Diplycosia: D. coii Argent (Ericaceae) is Described in Honour of Leonardo Co

George Argent

Co’s Digital Flora of the Philippines: Plant Identification and Conservation Through Cybertaxonomy

Julie F. Barcelona, Daniel L. Nickrent, James V. LaFrankie, John Rey C. Callado and Pieter B. Pelser

Role of Light in the Life Stages of Mt. Makiling Populations of Alocasia zebrina, An Endangered Philippine Plant Species

Niko Niño G. Briones and Virginia C. Cuevas

Stenolepia Alderw. (Dryopteridaceae), a FernGenus New to the Philippines

Yi-Han Chang, Li-Yaung Kuo, Wen-Liang Chiou, Cheng-Wei Chen, Ho-Ming Chang and Victor B. Amoroso

Medinilla dallciana (Melastomataceae: Dissochaeteae), a New Species from Luzon Island, Philippines

Edwino S. Fernando and Danilo S. Balete

A Review: Biodiversity, Distribution and Conservation of Philippine Seagrasses

Miguel D. Fortes

An Early 18th Century Account of Marine Algae from the Philippines

Lawrence M. Liao

Biogeographical Notes on the Moss Floras of Bicol Peninsula in Luzon and the Catanduanes Islands, The Philippines

Virgilio C. Linis

Plant Community Structure of a Secondary Forest at Barangay Camias, Porac, Pampanga, The Philippines

Jeffrey P. Mancera, Elena M. Ragrario, Glenn L. Sia-Su, and Rosario R. Rubite

A Review of the Taxonomy and Taxonomic Characters of Philippine Alocasia (Schott) G. Don (Araceae)

Melanie P. Medecilo and Domingo A. Madulid

Preliminary phylogeny of the Astronieae (Melastomataceae) Based on Nuclear and Plastid DNA Sequence Data, with Comments on the Philippine Endemic Genus, Astrocalyx

Darin S. Penneys

Useful Plants of Selected Ayta Communities from Porac, Pampanga, Twenty Years after the Eruption of Mt. Pinatubo

Elena M. Ragrario, Cynthia Neri Zayas, Jasper John A. Obico

Begonia section Petermannia of Luzon Island, the Philippines

Rosario R. Rubite

New Lichen Records and A Catalogue of Lichens from Palawan Island, The Philippines

Harry J. M. Sipman, P. Diederich, A. Aptroot

The Selaginella Flora, A Good Indicator of the Philippine Pleistocene Island Groups(1)

Benito C. Tan

Nomenclatural Notes on Boesenbergia Kuntze (Zingiberaceae)

J.F. Veldkamp

Diversity and Evolution of Vitaceae in the Philippines

Jun Wen, Limin M. Lu, and John K. Boggan

The Non-Functional Stomata on the Leaf Margin of Selaginella

Youguang Yi and Benito C. Tan