Linking Socio-demographics of Meat Vendor-processors
to Residual Nitrite in Skinless Native Sausage
Sold in a Typical Public Market in the Philippines


Virginia P. Obsioma1, King Louiegie G. Guiral2, Kathleen R. Matullano1,
Aaron P. Lorilla1, Jackie Lou J. Tagubase1, Kriza Faye A. Calumba1*,
Jon Marx P. Sarmiento2, and Pedro A. Alviola IV2,3

1Department of Food Science and Chemistry
College of Science and Mathematics
2School of Management
3Wildlife-Human Interaction Studies, Ecological Research
and Biodiversity Conservation Laboratory
University of the Philippines Mindanao, Mintal, Davao City 8022 Philippines


Keywords: food safety, longganisa, nitrite,
panel regression model, sausage, vendor-processors