Vol 34 No. 1, September 1927
No. of pages: 138





The Philippine Butterfly Fishes and their Allies


Division of Fisheries, Bureau of Science, Manila




We include here all those fishes belonging to the suborder Squamipinnes which have a deep, greatly compressed, subor¬bicular, or rhomboidal body, covered with finely ctenoid or smooth scales which extend upon the soft dorsal, anal, and cau¬dal, and often upon the spinous part'of the dorsal, so that the distinction between body and vertical fins is more or less effaced; the mouth is small, terminal, with lateral cleft, toothless palate and vomer, except in Plates, which may have a few vomerine teeth; the maxillaries have villiform or bristlelike teeth (tri¬lobed in Plates), with neither incisors, canines, nor molars; in most, if not in all, the mesethmoid is depressed, a character typical of the chmtodonts; the dorsal fin consists of an un-, divided spinous and soft portion, usually of' nearl/y. ,equal devel-opment; the anal has three or four spines, the rayed portion similar to the soft dorsal; the lower rays of the pectoral fin are branched, not enlarged; the thoracic ventrals have one spine and five rays; the stomach meal, the pyloric appendages few to many, the intestines much convoluted; the air bladder may be constricted or with horns; the lateral line is continuous, but may be incomplete; vertebrae 10 + 14 or 10 13; pseudo branchiae well developed. . . . . read more