Special Issue PJS 148 S2 Nuclear S and T

Philippine Journal of Science
Special Issue on Nuclear Science and Technology


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Caesar A. Saloma

Alumanda M. dela Rosa


Characterization and Flowering Behavior of Eleven Philippine Native Phalaenopsis Species and Gamma Irradiation Effects on Phalaenopsis aphrodite
Pablito M. Magdalita, Alangelico O. San Pascual, and Ruben L. Villareal

DOST-PNRI Mutant Variety: Dracaena 'Sun Beam'
Fernando B. Aurigue

In Vivo Safety Evaluation of Granule and Dressing Hemostatic Agents from Radiation Processed Polymeric Materials
Charito Tranquilan-Aranilla, Bin Jeremiah D. Barba, Lorna S. Relleve, and Lucille V. Abad

Management of Spent High Activity Radioactive Sources in the Philippines Using the Mobile Hot Cell
Ronald E. Piquero, Editha A. Marcelo, Abelardo A. Inovero, and Angelo A. Panlaqui

Pupal Eye Color of Peach Fruit Fly Bactrocera zonata (Saunders) as Reference Guide for Radiation Sterilization
Sotero S. Resilva, Preeaduth Sookar, and Glenda B. Obra

Sedimentation Patterns in Sorsogon Bay, Philippines Using ²¹⁰Pb
Efren J. Sta. Maria, Jordan F. Madrid, Ryan Joseph Aniago, Anie Day DC. Asa, Jennyvi P. Dayaon, Adelina DM. Bulos, and Elvira Z. Sombrito

Assessment of the Effect of Gamma Irradiation on Total Carotenoid Content of Mangifera indica L. cv. Carabao Puree Using Raman Microspectroscopy
Jerome Carlo P. Garcia, Christy Mae T. Betos, and Marie Josephine M. De Luna

Dose Rate Analysis of Upgraded Storage Drums for Disused Sealed Radioactive Sources by a Multivariate Interpolation Program Developed Using MCNP5
Frederick C. Hila, Ronald E. Piquero, Cheri Anne M. Dingle, Alvie A. Astronomo, Julius Federico M. Jecong, and Editha A. Marcelo

Development of the Philippine National Dose Registry as a Tool for the Tracking and Assessment of Occupational Radiation Exposure Profiles and Risks in the Philippines
Kristine Marie D. Romallosa, Christy Mae T. Betos, Elisha John W. Pascual, Camille U. Pineda, Marianna Lourdes Marie L. Grande, Ronald E. Piquero, and Angelo A. Panlaqui

Development and Validation of a Serpent-2 Model for the Former 3 MW TRIGA Core Configuration of the Philippine Research Reactor-1
Julius Federico M. Jecong, Frederick C. Hila, Cheri Anne M. Dingle, Alvie A. Astronomo, Ronald Daryll E. Gatchalian, Kristine Marie D. Romallosa, and Neil Raymund D. Guillermo

Experimental, Computational, and Analytical Methods for the Characterization of a Neutron Field for Calibration of Neutron Monitoring Instruments in the Philippines
Marianna Lourdes Marie L. Grande, Frederick C. Hila, Ave Ann Nikolle M. Garalde, Christy Mae T. Betos, Cheri Anne M. Dingle, and Kristine Marie D. Romallosa

Radiation-modified Kappa-carrageenan Improves Productivity of Peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.) in Bukidnon, Northern Mindanao, Philippines

Jerald B. Bongalos, Lorena V. Duna, Jemseal R. Tigbao, and Fernando B. Aurigue

Dependence of Response of Personal Dosimeters on Different Calibration Methods
Ave Ann Nikolle M. Garalde, Camille U. Pineda, Jhenize Carvina Fernandez, Jhon Ray Amparado, and Kristine Marie Romallosa

Gamma Irradiation for the Inactivation of Aspergillus flavus Link in Copra (Dried Cocos nucifera L. Meat)
Darcy L. de Asis, Roy B. Tumlos, and Glenn I. Sia Su

Air Particulate Matter, Black Carbon, and Elemental Concentration and Source Apportionment in Calaca, Batangas
Christian Amor T. Tuso, Remjohn Aron H. Magtaas, Jervee M. Punzalan, Jhon Robin Yee, Angel T. Bautista VII, and Preciosa Corazon B. Pabroa

Effect of Radiation-modified Kappa-carrageenan on the Morpho-agronomic Characteristics of Mungbean [Vigna radiata (L.) R.Wilczek]
Mary Grace B. Gatan, Djowel Recto V. Montefalcon, Fernando B. Aurigue, and Lucille V. Abad

Use of Gamma Radiographic Testing to Determine the Number of Disused Californium-252 Radioactive Sources Inside a Source Rod
Carl M. Nohay, Ramoncito F. Sulit, Andrew C. Barrida, Norman Jay V. Barro, Mary Rose Q. Mundo, Joseph R. Tugo, and Cecilia M. de Vera

Capacity Building in Nuclear Science and Technology in the Philippines Through the Use and Operation of Small Neutron Sources for Education, Training, and Research
Unico A. Bautista, Cheri Anne M. Dingle, Alvie A. Astronomo, Ma. Elina Salvacion, Kristina V. Ramo, Frederick C. Hila, Julius Federico M. Jecong, Kristine Marie D. Romallosa, Ryan U. Olivares, Pablo P. Saligan, and Neil Raymund D. Guillermo

Gamma Radiation and In Vitro Induced Banana Bunchy Top Virus (BBTV) Resistant Mutant Lines of Banana cv 'Lakatan' (Musa sp. AA)
Olivia P. Damasco, Fe M. Dela Cueva, Jonathan C. Descalsota, and Ryan Rodrigo P. Tayobong

Effect of Gamma Irradiation on Coconut Leaf Beetle, Brontispa longissima (Gestro) (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae)
Glenda B. Obra, Mateo B. Zipagan, and Abigaile Mia V. Javier

Environmental Assessment of Metal Pollution in Manila Bay Surface Sediments
Ryan U. Olivares, Efren J. Sta. Maria, and Elvira Z. Sombrito