Past Issue - Vol 130 No 1 June 2001 

Insecticide and Fungicide Effects of Betel, Piper betle L. Volatile Oil on Selected Cotton Pests
A.D. Solsoloy, E.O. Domingo, N.D. Cacayorin and M.C. Damo

The Microsporangium and the Male Gametophyte Development in Pittosporum resiniferum Hemls. (Pittosporaceae)
Vivian S. Tolentino1 and Prescillano M. Zamora2

The Interactive Effects of Elevated CO2, Temperature and N Supply on Rice Yield
Marieta C. Baysa1, David C. Tremmel2, James F. Reynolds2Gilda C. Rivero3, and Reynaldo A. Tabbda3
AM Fungal Association with Tagetes erecta L. and their Impact on Plant Growth
Ranganayaki, N. and Manoharachary, C.
Performance of Black Gram with VAM Inoculation and Phosphate Fertilization
Harbans Kaur Kehri and Sudhir Chandra