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MS 16-014R
Time-Series Link Prediction using Support Vector Machines
JM Co and P Fernandez

MS 16-057R
Philippine Species of Parmotrema (Ascomycota, Parmeliaceae)
P Bawingan, M Lardizaval, P Rosuman, W Fajardo, A Azuelo, J Elix and JS Hur

MS 15-025R
Flood Vulnerability of the Town of Tanay, Rizal, Philippines
R Pati and A Cruz

MS 16-040R
On Euclidean and Hermitian Self-Dual Cyclic Codes over GF (2r)
O Consorte and L Valdez

MS 16-048R
Findings of the Nationwide Assessment of Philippine Coral Reefs
A Licuanan, M Reyes, K Luzon, MA Chan and W Licuanan

MS 16-038R
Two New Nepenthes Species from the Unexplored Mountains of CentralMindanao, Philippines
N Lagunday, F Acma, V Cabana, N Sabas and V Amoroso

MS 15-057R
On the Solvability of a Class of a Quasilinear Elliptic PartialDifferential Equation
RJ Beltran, B Cabarrubias and M Roque

MS 16-064R
Detection of Plasmid-Borne β-Lactamase Genes in Extended-Spectrumβ-Lactamase (ESBL) and Non-ESBL-Producing Escherichia coli ClinicalIsolates
M Cruz and C Hedreyda

MS 16-039R
Characterization of RadiocesiumLevels and Fractions of 137Cs in SoilCollected from Oguni, Date Using Manual and Instrument SoftwareCalculation Based on Covell Method
A Jagonoy and H Tsukada

MS 16-060R
Weight of Evidence Geospatial Analysis and Potential Locations ofAncient Gold MiningSettlements in Benguet in the 16th to 18th Centuries
MA Canilao

MS 15-051R
Cost-effective Programming of Electric Demand in the University of thePhilippines Diliman
MA Araneta, M Carreon, A Rozul and C Saloma

MS 16-059R
On-Farm Evaluation of Dry-Seeded Rice Cultivars and Cropping  Systemsin the Semi-Arid Region of India
JB Soriano, SP Wani, ANRao, KH Anantha,  JAC Gowda and ARathore

MS 16-072R
Effect of Phytase on Growth Performance, Diet Utilization Efficiencyand Nutrient Digestibility in Fingerlings of Chanoschanos (Forsskal1775)
D Rachmawati, I Samidjan and M Mel

MS 17-017R
Insecticidal Activity of Selected Essential Oil Extracts AgainstCommon Cutworm, SpodopteralituraFabricius (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)
AM Javier, V Ocampo, F Ceballo and P Javier

MS 16-065R
Larvae Identification and Development of the Only Freshwater Sardine,SardinellatawilisEndemic to Taal Lake, Philippines
MT Mutia, K Sarmiento, M Muyot, MJ Mendiola, B Tordecilla and M Santos

MS 16-067R
Climatic Insights on Academic Calendar Shift in the Philippines
M Villafuerte II, E Juanillo and F Hilario

MS 17-019R
Hybridity Testing of Eggplant F1 Progenies Derived from Parents withVarying Response to Drought Using SSR Markers
AM Maravilla, ET Ocampo, A Canama and E Delfin

MS 16-046R
Pyrodiniumbahamense var. compressumBöhm Survival in High and LowCadmium Levels
R Obena, S Arco and R Azanza

MS 17-027R
Molecular Characterization of BRCA1 as Candidate Gene Markerfor Subclinical Mastitis in Dairy Water Buffaloes (Bubalusbubalis)
Authors: C Biendima, S Ramos, MR Uy and C Mingala

MS 16-042R
Effect of Gamma Irradiation on Egg Hatchability, Adult Survival andLongevity of the Mango Pulp Weevil, Sternochetusfrigidus (Fabr.)
G Obra, S Resilva and LR Lorenzana

MS 17-036R
The Dietary Guidelines and its Implications for Coconut Oil
F Dayrit

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