Vol 40 No. 1, September 1929
No. of Page: 56





Mayon Volcano and its Eruptions

By Leopoldo A. Faustino

Division of Geology and Mines, Bureau of Science, Manila



In the following pages it is proposed to describe Mayon Volcano and its immediate surroundings, to present more or less detailed descriptions of past eruptions and the eruption of 1928, and to give explanations of some of the phenomena observed. Strictly speaking Mayon is constantly in eruption, and the dates of eruption given here are to be taken to mean days of unusual or greater activity. The activity may be greater or less according to the frame of mind of the person or persons giving the reports. It is admitted that no two persons reporting on a volcano in eruption will find it in the same condition. However, there are cases where the accounts are a little exaggerated, as in the case of the last eruption. In order to satisfy the needs of a sensation-loving press some people sent in a few wild and highly-colored reports. The present report contains an account of the 1928 eruption based on the personal notes of the writer. The first trip to Mayon for the purpose of observing the 1928 eruption was made early in the year. In answer to insistent telegraphic requests of the Governor of Albay, Father Saderra Maso, assistant director of the Weather Bureau, and the writer left Manila for the Mayon area January 20, 1928. The period from January 21 to 24 was spent in making observations around the volcano. On account of the northeast monsoon and the accompanying heavy and protracted daily rains the crater of the volcano was visible only occasionally. It was noted, however, that the activity consisted of feeble emissions of vapors, mainly steam, from the crater. The vapors took the regular form of solfataric emanations, without any shape or form, apparently without any pressure from behind, and disappeared as soon as they reached a short distance above the summit. The people were told there was no immediate danger of a violent eruption, at least until May or June.

In response to a series of telegrams from the provincial authorities of Albay Province the writer left Manila June 26 to make observations on the reported activity of Mayon Volcano. Arriving in the Bicol region he found Mayon in mild eruption; throwing out dust and ashes. People were leaving their homes, and the general population was panicky. . . . . read more